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Today I am going to share with you a fantasy, not mine but my fellas, and I think it’s seriously hot. He shared it with me the other nightSticky Vickys Used Panties Sexy Stories Sexy Cleaning when I came home and found him enjoying a wank, I asked him what he was thinking about. What he told me had me going for my toys and making me cum.
He imagined that I was selling a service from this website alongside my used panties. This service would have me going round to client’s homes, dressing up really sexy as requested and then I would be paid to do some light cleaning in a very horny sexy manner.
The clients could be men or women and the outfits would be their choice, I could be a hotel maid one day, a nurse the next. My fella would accompany me, obviously for safety reasons; once he is happy that the client is trustworthy he would take the payment and go and sit in another room with a book.
This one day I was requested by a gentleman who was in his mid forties, he was still very good looking, in a Pierce Brosnan way. Doing a sexy clean for an attractive man is a bonus.
I popped in to the spare bedroom and got dressed into my tan stockings, high heeled shoes, matching coloured tan thong with a bodice that had my tits hanging out in full view. I walked into the lounge where the gentleman sat and I started to lightly dust the furniture in the room.
I would bend over in front of him as much as I could allowing him to see my large breasts hang down and my pussy neatly packed into my tight thong. As he sat there with his eyes fixed firmly on me, looking me up and down with a happy smile across his face, I would move past him slowly, pretending to dust around the sofa.
I could see a large bulge in his trousers, I knew he was enjoying the view. ‘What would you like me to do next?’ I ask.‘Suck your boyfriend off in front of me.’ His answer took me by surprise, ‘Not sure he will go for that.’ I said ‘and it will cost you more.’ 
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Just letting you folks know, I am now Panty Trust verified so you can buy with confidence ;)  Vicky X 

Sticky Vickys Used Panties

Today I am going to share with you and event that I will never forget and neither will my fella. I doubt you will too! It happened one weekend when he decided to take me away for a surprise stay in a hotel.

We found this great little hotel in a lovely little market town about 30 minutes drive away. We checked in on the Friday night, got settled in to our room.  That night we did the usual Friday night stuff, went out for a few drinks, had a lovely meal then went back to the room where we had a great night of pure sex.

If sex is the right word, we fucked all night. It was great, but this isn’t the tale that I want to share with you. The following morning my fella woke early and decided he would treat me to some proper fresh croissants from the bakery in the town centre. I love croissants, but because of the nights activities I didn’t fancy the walk to the town so I opted to have a shower while he popped out to the bakery.

[Sticky Vicky’s Used Panties]

I wasn’t in the shower for long, I was tempted to have my usual morning shower fun but I knew there was a huge comfy hotel bed in the room where I could lay out and enjoy myself. I rubbed myself dry with the towel as I walked to the bed, with my hair still wet I laid back onto the wonderfully soft bed.

I opened my legs, closed my eyes and moved my left hand down to my pussy as I started to remember the events of the night before. The thought of my fellas rock hard cock in my mouth was having the desired effect.

I slowly rubbed my hand up along my pussy lips and down again, feeling the soft tingling building up in them, I took a hold of my right breast with my right hand and slowly squeezed it. I squeezed it with an upward pulling motion, letting go at the tip of my nipple. I continued squeezing and pulling at my breast, pushing it towards my left breast and with my hand wide open took hold of both breasts, squeezing them together I began pinching and tweaking at my nipples.

I pushed hard against my clit with my left hand as I rubbed up and down, harder and faster pushing my clit around in circular motion. I could feel myself getting wetter as I lay there with the memory of my fella face fucking me from last night. I can remember being laid there on my back as he pushed his think hard cock in and out of my mouth fast. I love being face fucked and the memory was getting me very wet. 

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My exercise session and the window cleaner

They say exercise can make people feel horny; well it certainly does for me. My chosen exercise is using the big blow up gym ball. It’s the one that you sit on while doing exercises, with my tight shorts on and plenty of bouncing it doesn’t take long for the juices to start flowing.Sticky Vicky's Used Panties

I usually spend 45 mins exercising so by the time I am done my panties are very wet indeed. My favourite exercise is laying out on the ball doing sit ups, both feet touching the floor with my legs apart and the ball is directly below my bottom. I lean back and start doing sit ups. I cannot do this exercise without getting really dirty thoughts.

I normally do my exercises while my boyfriend is at work, so there are no distractions and I am able to do what I please, after a good work out I am hot and feeling sexy, 45 minutes of sexy thoughts usually build up so much that I need to relieve my frustrations.

Fortunately for me I do my ball exercises in the bedroom, arms length away from my bedside drawer where I keep my two little best buzzy friends, that I affectionally call Bill and Ben. Bill is a small powerful red vibrator and a Ben is a nice black rubberised cock shaped vibrator. When I leave the house for more than an hour Bill and Ben go into my bag and go everywhere I go. You never know when the urge strikes and I will need them.

I want to tell you about something that happened last summer. It was mid morning and quite a warm day, I had been out of bed for a couple hours, I waited for my breakfast to settle and then set about doing my ball exercises. I had been working hard for over half hour and was now doing my final exercise the sit ups.

When I do the sit ups with my leg spread and I am laid back I cannot help but imagine someone walking in on me and surprising me by burying their head between my legs, licking my pussy and reaching over to feel my tits.

This thought really gets me going and I can feel a tingling starting in my pussy. I manoeuvre the ball so it’s further up my back and I am laid back comfortable. I move my left hand down between my legs; slowly I rub up and down my pussy pressing hard against the fabric of my tight shorts.

[Sticky Vicky’s Used Panties]

I begin to squeeze my breasts with my right hand, squeezing hard and pulling at my nipples making them hard and erect. My eyes closed as the feelings move through my tits. With my left hand I pull my shorts to the side and gently run my finger tips up along my lips.

I lay there for a minute rubbing my tits pulling my top up so they are fully exposed to play with. I run my fingers around the bottom roundness of them before running them up to my nipples. As I lightly pinch my very erect nipples I start to press hard against my clit with the fingers of my other hand.

Doing a circular motion I start to press hard and rub my clit. Sensations are building up and I am now getting wetter. I hear a noise, it slightly distracts me but I am slow to open my eyes as I am still lost in my pleasures. I eventually open my eyes slightly to see to my surprise the window cleaner climbing onto the bay window roof ready to clean the bedroom window.

The noise I heard was him leaning the ladders against the window roof and climbing up. Do I panic and stop? Of course not, I close my eyes knowing that he will soon see me. The thought that he can see me really turns me on, the window cleaner will see everything, I do not have netting at the window as I detest it and of course I am facing the window, my legs wide open waiting for the window cleaner to see all. 

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Sticky Vicky’s Used Panties: My knight in a shining RAC van.

This story should really be called ‘my night in the RAC van’; it happened several months ago while driving down to London to see my
 fella. After years in the building industry a sudden change of career came along and he was relocated down south leaving me ‘oop North’ for a while before I finally ventured down south to be with him.

Anyway, this one night mid winter I was driving down the A1 heading for London, as it was winter it was dark before I had set off, I don’t enjoy driving in the dark and with 3 hrs of driving to do it can be very boring and frustrating. I had been on the A1 for a while and was getting thirsty; I was getting close to the roundabout that would take me off the A1 to the A421, a road with very little if no service stations at all. I decided to pull into the next and last service station available for me to get a drink.

I pulled up in a vacant car park, I went into the store, and got myself a hot coffee. I headed back to sit in the car while I drank it. As I am sure you know by now, I cannot sit for long without having a quick play. So I sat drinking my coffee and slipped a hand up my short skirt, pulled my panties to one side and slipped a finger inside me.

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Hi, my name is Vicky, I am a beautiful 30 something hot blooded woman who enjoys fun, fun and more fun. I also enjoy selling my beautiful sweet smelling used panties. I hope you will join my as I share with you my fun experiences. ;-) X

Hi, my name is Vicky, I am a beautiful 30 something hot blooded woman who enjoys fun, fun and more fun. I also enjoy selling my beautiful sweet smelling used panties. I hope you will join my as I share with you my fun experiences. ;-) X